Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes (07/04/2017)

Deborah France (Practice Secretary)
Dr U Kanitkar
Jackie Baines (Practice Manager)

MG (Chairman)

1. Meeting opened at 2pm by MG (chairman) and welcomes all those who have attended.
2. Apologies:  SF, SP

3. Minutes of the last meeting – BJ brought up the subject of the DNA appointments. The policy was explained to BJ in that it is the same as explained in the previous meeting, BJ happy with the explanation.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting on Friday 30th September 2016 approved.

5. This meeting will be classed as our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
A) Election of Chair – All agreed MG elected as chair
B) Election of Secretary – All agreed DF elected as secretary

6. Terms of Reference of Moss Side Medical Centre Patient Participation Group: PPG members were given a copy of the terms of reference to peruse and comment within 2 weeks, after which MJ will amend as needed and produce a final copy to be emailed to the PPG.

7. Building Works: Jackie informed the PPG that the building work for 2 new consulting rooms are near completion and ready for new furniture to go in the consulting rooms, these will be used by doctors, medical students, physiotherapist etc.

8. Facebook Page: Jackie is to set up the Moss Side Medical Centre Facebook page after which MG will take over the monitoring of the page.

9.  Increased Access: The increased access for Saturday morning has now reduced to one per month.

10. 8/8 7 days a week: Talks are still in process regarding the increased access and the 8/8 7 days a week, there has been a lot of unrest regarding this, MG and CS are opposed to the idea of 8/8 7 days a week.

11. Patient Survey Questions: DF will draw up a draft of questions for the PPG to approve before rolling out to the patients in the surgery.

12. Any other business: MG brought up the matter of the chemists no longer being able to order medication for the patients and the letter that was sent out to the patient ahead of this being actioned at the beginning of April. The PPG were not informed or aware of this going ahead, the PPG felt that they should have been involved in the process otherwise what is the point of a PPG. MG to take this further.

RR brought up the matter of home visits – are they still available if a patient cannot get to the surgery, explained to RR that the patient rings up first thing in the morning to request a home visit and the doctor will go out after the morning surgery to see the patient at home. Patients that are in a home or on chronic disease register or severely poorly will be given another number to ring the surgery on should they need a home visit.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 3.00pm.

Minutes submitted to the committee and were approved,

Michael F Godbold MBE JP – Chairman